Shalom Et Natan

Vision & Strategy

We, at Shalom & Nathan live by the high standards of deliver the projects on schedule, at the original budget, with precisement and accuracy at the stages of planning and execution of the projects.All of the above parallel to the building of long tern, stable relationships with our customers, based on a respect, trust and commitment.

We, at Shalom & Nathan continuously updating with the dynamics changes at the construction sector. Our business activity focused on implementing new and innovative construction methods, adapted to the customers and the market needs and standards. This way, we achieved a significant time saving, an upgraded construction paste, high implementations abilities, manpower saving, max precision and an excellent quality of finishes. Our company focused on implementing green (sustainable) building methods, and sets new and higher standards of construction quality with deep concern to our environment

At Shalom & Nathan you will find a teem with a passion to construction. The company is based of the foundations of family values, inter-personal communication, mutual respect and deep emphasis to the small and the big details, alongside to professionalism and reliability. Our Professional staff is the base to our service standards and to the strong cooperating between the different teams inside the company. All of the above creates an essential element to our success.

Shalom & Nathan is committed to the community and encourages sharing and philanthropy to her.
According to those values we are constantly support in voluntary organizations and institutions. Shalom & Nathan is committed to her costumers and to all of the bodies we cooperate with.


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